Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DJ FUNKDAT - Album Sold Out

Hey, just want to let you know that the "FUNKDATBEATZ" album is sold out! Thanks to everybody who supported me by purchasing this CD. I will do my best to bring you new fresh beats soon, so check this blog to see what's new... One more thanks, stay true to the underground and keep it REAL!


You can find some of the tracks from this album on my sites. Try to check out my YOUTUBE channel, SOUNDCLOUD and MYSPACE account, or my FACEBOOK profile. Feel free to subscribe and share - what I do, I do for you - DJ FUNKDAT

DJ FUNKDAT - This Is FunkDatBeatz

Recently I've finished my very own CD called "DJ FUNKDAT Presents FUNKDATBEATZ". It''s a compilation consisting of 22 tracks that are separtated from each other, but makes it sound like a mixtape. It contains mainly remixes of my favourite tracks from underground rap artists from 90's. Art work on the CD is mine as well, so I consider this product as my masterpiece. I'm selling it now for 7€ a piece, but I only have a couple of them left, so later on I will upload it here for free...


Playlist has been chosen carefully. All the tracks are slightly blending in the end, so you can enjoy the music without bothersome pauses. I'm uploading the back of the album cover as well, so you can have the proper idea about what I was just talking about. I also want to thank everybody who has purchased my album, everybody who supported me and thanks for all the positive feedback as well...

DJ FUNKDAT - Introducing Myself

"FUNKDATBEATZ" is the title u should know if u love underground hip-hop music. Nowadays the music industry is filled with garbage and classic hip-hop is gone, so that's why I decided to do my own thing and stay uncommercial. Back in the days I was known as "Cut-A-Stroph" but later on when I came back from London, somehow nickname "FUNKDAT" came around. In 2008 I produced my first album and later on I collaborated with other underground rappers from Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, France and Slovakia. If I have a bit of spare time I usually perform at local hip-hop parties. The rest I'm spending in studio, making beats and mixtapes. Feel free to contact me if u are interrested in my production or just check out more of my sites for support and free downloads...

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