Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DJ FUNKDAT - Introducing Myself

"FUNKDATBEATZ" is the title u should know if u love underground hip-hop music. Nowadays the music industry is filled with garbage and classic hip-hop is gone, so that's why I decided to do my own thing and stay uncommercial. Back in the days I was known as "Cut-A-Stroph" but later on when I came back from London, somehow nickname "FUNKDAT" came around. In 2008 I produced my first album and later on I collaborated with other underground rappers from Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, France and Slovakia. If I have a bit of spare time I usually perform at local hip-hop parties. The rest I'm spending in studio, making beats and mixtapes. Feel free to contact me if u are interrested in my production or just check out more of my sites for support and free downloads...

To discover more about my music, collaborations and upcoming shows, follow me: FACEBOOK

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